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Buy a Mask or Donate this Waratah Day

Our vision is a society in which people with mental illness are valued and assisted in living fulfilling lives.

Buy a Mask or Donate

Waratah Day

Celebrating Mental Health Month

Buy a Waratah Day Mask to support mental health recovery – $10 each or 3 for $25. Or you can simply donate. 

Buy a Mask or Donate

It’s Tough Having a Mental Health Issue

Mental Health impacts every part of life and how it is lived.
Minds can feel fractured, fragmented and disconnected.
Thoughts affect feelings which affect beliefs.
Negative beliefs and self talk can fill the mind.
Stigma and lack of acceptance makes this worse.
Sometimes the pain inside is so unbearable it has to stop.
But there’s hope!

Please see our Getting Support page for local support organisations.

Getting support